Ingredient Spotlight: Frankincense Natural Beauty and Old World Luxury

Frankincense has been used for centuries by people for its aromatherapy and its natural beauty benefits.  The word Frankincense originates from the French word “Franc,” meaning pure or sacred, and the Latin word “incense,” meaning smoke.  Egyptian Pharaohs have been known to use this legendary oil in skincare and beauty rituals.  But why was this…
remedies for sleeping

Top 6 Holistic Remedies for Sleeping To Try Tonight

Sleeping is one of the most important activities we do as humans everyday.  Our bodies need it to repair itself from the day prior and to prepare for the day to come. Our bodies tend to regulate sleep in much the same way that they regulate eating, drinking, and breathing. This suggests that sleep serves…
diy sunscreen

DIY Vegan Sunscreen Made Easy

It is July, one of the hottest parts of the year in the northern hemisphere.   Most of us want to head outside and enjoy nature’s the hot weather at the beach or on a hike in the mountains.  We are not like your parents or grandparents, who didn’t see the need to wear sunscreen…

Sensual Summer Scents: Combine Citrus and Vanilla

The alluring scent of Fiori D’Arancio is truly the perfect accessory to add this summer to your ensembles.  It is because Tsi-La has included the most summery scents of this season.  The two most powerful delicious scents are citrus and vanilla blossoms. In the warmer summer months, bright citrus scents are always more appealing to…

Springtime Brings Fresh Scents: Organic Flower Fragrances

There are so many reasons why I love this time of year: blooming flowers, warm sunshine, the beach, and spending more time in nature.   It is the perfect time to rejoice in the beauty of the season.  Tsi-La Organics can help you on your journey to obtaining pure sensory floral bliss with our organic…

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