Truth in Beauty 

Tsi-La Organics is devoted to keeping beauty organic, natural and clean. Our natural perfume ingredients are real, pure, and luxurious — and even give you holistic benefits. All Natural Perfume = 100% Beautiful.

Consciously crafted all-natural perfumes are fortified with a proprietary blend of more than 8 organic super-fruits, natural steam distilled essential oils, antioxidants and fresh organic base oils. Tsi-La all natural perfumes offer additional benefits to typical petrochemically derived or synthetic fragrances that are currently available. Our Living Flower mixtures are fruit, flower, and plant-based, USDA organic when possible, animal cruelty-free, and vegan.

Vegan, Animal Cruelty-Free
Zero Synthetic Chemicals
Preservative and Colorant-free
100% Flower and Plant-based
Super-Fruit and Phytonutrient Infused



Tuberose The sweet floral notes of this delicate fragrant flower are a seductive and provocative aphrodisiac. “The mistress of the night” is perfect to capture the attention of that special someone.

Jasmine This flower’s warm floral scent is both arousing and alluring, giving you a feeling of confidence and euphoria. Choose this scent to stimulate creativity.

Orange Flower Orange flowers signify purity and love with their light and sweet blossoms. This scent is soothing and mildly hypnotic. Wear orange flower blossoms to increase self-confidence.

Rose The very definition of luxury, it takes 2,000 velvet rose blossoms to create 2 grams of its rich, floral essence. This queen of flowers is a well-known aphrodisiac that demands attention without garish noise.

Sandalwood The distinctive soft, woody base note of sandalwood comes from eco-consciously-raised evergreen trees. This scent is calming and helps focus the mind — perfect for when you need to lose the outside world.

Lavender These beautiful violet flowers have a sweet, herbaceous scent that calms the mind and brings a little tranquility to a hectic day.

Bergamot This petite citrus bud gives a fresh, fruity note with just a hint of spice. Bergamot is a feel-good scent that refreshes and uplifts you — great for getting you out of a funk.

Vanilla  The familiar fruit of the vanilla orchid gives off a rich, sweet vanilla aroma. Comforting and sensual, this scent helps calm emotions and bring back sweet memories.

Moss This light green lichen found on oak trees is surprisingly fresh in its green, earthy scent. Perfect for when you need to feel balanced and grounded.

Citron You may know this Mediterranean classic: a ripe yellow fruit that gives off a delicate top note citrus scent. Rejuvenating and restoring, citron clears the mind and helps boost your mood.

Tangerines This tangy fruit favorite gives you a fresh, sweet citrus note. Wearing this scent gives you a gentle boost which nurtures you, and just makes you feel good.

Vetiver The roots of a perennial-scented grass produce this earthy, woody “oil of tranquility.” Vetiver calms, balances, and instills self-confidence.

Peppermint This familiar, invigorating herb sharpens your mind with its crisp, clean, minty notes. It will uplift you with its purity when you need a refreshing jolt.

Black Pepper This prized spice gives warm, spicy notes to all kinds of luxury items and is both a stimulating and warming aphrodisiac. Rev your engines!

Lemongrass The clean, bright scent of lemon shines through from these exotic light green leaf blades. An uplifting steam distilled essence, it’s perfect for reducing stress and adding cheer to a gloomy day.

Frankincense When you need to calm down, the clean, smoky scent of resin collected by making incisions into bark emotionally soothes even the most agitated person. A spiritual scent, Frankincense is the essence of serenity.

Ylang Ylang The perfume tree’s yellow flowers produce a heavy, sweet, floral fragrance ingredient. The erotic ylang-ylang flower can give you that euphoric boost that’s perfect before an intimate evening.



Jojoba Oil: A living oil chockful of proteins and minerals, jojoba has a light, fine texture that mimics collagen. It’s the clean way to boost youthful skin and correct fine lines. USDA-certified Organic.

Apricot Oil: This living oil contains Vitamins A, C, E and has a light texture that is easily absorbed, making it perfect for everyday skincare. USDA-certified Organic.

Coconut Oil: Who hasn’t heard of the benefits of coconut oil? This lightweight oil absorbs quickly into the skin and with loads of capric and caprylic acid, it’s a natural antioxidant. Great for round-the-calendar skincare.

Vitamin E (tocopherol): This natural ingredient is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E oil can protect skin from free radicals and damage. Perfect for dry or damaged skin.

Blueberry Extract: With this extract, we cut out the middle man and got straight to the organic blueberries with their antioxidants and phytonutrients to help protect your skin from everyday chemicals and exposure. Nothing but solid gold (er, blue?) protection, baby!

Goji Berry Extract: The antioxidants in organic goji berries are great for keeping skin soft and supple. Lizard skin, be gone!

Persimmon Extract: Organic persimmons are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, helping to keep skin smooth, clear, and protected.

Rooibos Extract: The packed mineral levels in organic rooibos red tea is out of this world, never mind its levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Rooibos extract will help with the clear complexion you’ve been fighting for. See ya, red puffy skin!

Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol: The base of many of our natural perfume compounds, you can rest easy knowing your skin is cared for with this hypo-allergenic and naturally GMO-free extract, as is the environment. Bonus points: there’s no gluten in this base.

All oils made in a facility that uses Nut Oils



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