I love Tsi-La! I have been a customer for almost 10 years. I love all of the scents but my go to combo is Kesu and L’Absolu Vanille…yummy! It is my signature scent! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that Tsi-La products are 100% natural, so I smell amazing and I am treating my body with the respect it deserves. Thank you Tsi-La for such amazing natural perfumes! Love you!! xoxo

I purchase Fiori Drancio & Kesu, I love both of them, and will repurchase again in the future, the smell is very relaxing.


I love my purchase. This is my fourth bottle of perfume. Kizes and Kessu are my favorites.


Just wanted you to know I just received my L’Absolu vanille oil and it’s lovely. I adore all of your scents and am eagerly awaiting your skin care line.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.


Dear Tsi-La – I absolutely love my organic purfumes! The little mini-roller ball bottles are so fun to use and also pretty to look at. My favorite of all the fragrances is Fleur Savauge but I also adore Ilang Ilang & Kizes. I like to use Kizes first thing in the morning to cheer up my day and I use Ilang Ilang anytime I want to pretend I’m in Hawaii – it reminds me of the beautiful white flowers and purfumed trade winds there when we vacation.

My husband loves Kesu – I’ve got him hooked on Tsi La as well! Thank you so much for creating such gorgeous fragrances with incredible ingredients!

best, C

Hello, Tsi-La!
Fiori D’Arancio has been my signature scent for about a year now; it is everything I could ever want in a fragrance. I thought nothing could come near it in my heart, until I met your new L’Absolu Vanille and found it to pair perfectly with my beloved Fiori. Thanks for making the world’s loveliest perfumes!



I have been using the Kesu perfume for several weeks now. The scent is wonderful and remains pure until it fades. Even when I re-apply, the scent is not altered. I love it. The size is perfect and great for travel. I would like to try some other scents in sample size-this is how I first tried Kesu. Thank you so much for the purity of your scents. I had given up Synthetic perfumes and am so happy to find a scent that, to me, surpasses on many levels what I have used in the past. I Use it with peace of mind for myself and others.

Thank you,
Most Sincerely,
Leslie Conway

I did a lot of research to find all natural perfume as I am allergic to most everything after getting out of Afghanistan.

My wife likes it and It does not give me asthma symptoms – Everything in our house is all natural now. No petro chemicals, pthylates, toulenes or synthetics.

Thanks for the good product.


I love Kesu – AG

Love love Kesu! Thank you for making such gorgeous and healthy perfume πŸ™‚

I have been a long time customer, tried every fragrance offered. Have enjoyed them all but have settled with two favorites, Fiori D’Arancio parfum and Kesu. They are very different but love them both. The Kesu is darker, warm, rich and the Fiori is light, floral, feminine. Looking forward to trying out the new fragrance.

Oh, Tsi-La, you are such a special company! I still have some free samples you have sent a while ago. I use a few drops of your perfume for special occasions (going out to exhibitions, concerts, dates with my beloved one). Your perfume adds self-confidence and I feel like a very pretty woman. Nobody ever in the room smells so wonderful and feels so special as I do. Your perfumes are incomparable to the synthetic perfumed waters that are sold in common shops. You are simply the best! You are special! Keep it real! (:
Jus Kli

I had been searching for a natural alternative to perfume for over a year when I decided to give Tsi-La a try. Your beautiful potions blew me away. Kesu ended up being my favorite! Your fragrances are alluring AND long lasting on the skin. I’ve tried other brands since and still nothing compares to Tsi-La. I’m an Aesthetician so I absolutely can’t wait to see your long awaited skincare line!
Thank you for creating such a lovely product πŸ™‚
Warmest Regards,
Andrea Gray

Omg I’m addicted to all your perfumes. Everywhere I go ppl comment in how amazing I smell! Thank you for creating these beautiful fragrances


I have recently discovered your perfume oils in my near by organic store and after trying one I came back and I have bought the whole collection πŸ™‚ They really are beautiful scents and I am completely taken by this product, so I just wanted to say well done for creating such a unique organic perfumes with so much sensuality and personality.

– KB London

I am besotted with the scent of Fleur Sauvage. After years and years of wearing Burberry London, and then switching to 100% clean cosmetics, I thought I would never again find a scent that I could identify with as much as I did my beloved Burberry. Now I know that Fleur Sauvage will be the scent I wear for years to come!

Thank you for creating such a lovely product!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Misaki! My search for the perfect earthy lavender scent is over. There’s no comparison between the traditional department store scents and organic perfumery. Traditional scents feel like an “assault” on the nose, very strong and off-putting. And they’re all beginning to smell alike no matter how many new ones are released. Organic scents are incredibly complex and original, and the only way to go, in my opinion.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.
– Barbara

Hello! I just wanted to write a quick note regarding my recent purchase. I absolutely LOVE your products!!! I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will be ordering again soon.
Keep making these wonderful product:)
Thank you,
– Kelly

I want to let you know I adore my Ilang Ilang Perfume Oil and it’s versatility. My husband and I both enjoy this fragrance (maybe because we were married in Hawaii?) Also, it’s so convenient for travel whether it’s just in my purse around town or off long distance. The packaging and bottle are beautiful. I’ve also owned your set of 4 perfume oils (and think it’s terrific now that I will be able to choose the fragrances in my next set.) The sets are also wonderful to give as gifts. May be not. Will definitely be making another purchase around the holidays!
– Thanks, Susan

Thank you so much for your great products, they smell divine, and excellent customer service!
– Sincerely, Rosemary

Love your perfumes. I’m saving money to purchase Kizes next. Girls at work love the fragrances. Have given them your name. Thanks
– Alicia

Saqui, where have you been all my life? It is such an amazing fragrance, quite reminiscent of the autumn season…rich, woody and intoxicating. You MUST consider developing a matching body creme/lotion to go with it! πŸ™‚
– Wendy

I love “Saqui”. It has a fabulous sexy, beach-y smell!
– Michele

I purchased the Eau de Parfum mini collection. What I like about Tsi~La is its pure, authentic scent. That is, they don’t assault my nostrils like department store perfumes, or make me feel nauseous after wearing them for an hour. I’ve always preferred the individual smells of flowers or citrus all by themselves. Tsi~La captures those individual notes without overwhelming the wearer. However, it’s not the organic nature of the scents that I’m drawn to; it’s the blend of simple, unadulterated, pure, clean, oils that shine through.

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