Natural • Organic Perfume 50 ML

Orange Blossom + Vanilla

Lovely and a little bit naughty, like a late-summer holiday on the Mediterranean Sea. 

Sweet, organic orange blossoms. 

Flirty, juicy tangerines. 

Sexy Tunisian neroli flowers. 

Caramelized vanilla orchids. 

Finished with a drop of sweetness, it’s like bottled sunshine. 

Aromatherapeutic essential oils are steeped with skin-friendly antioxidants, resulting in a mischievous citrus fragrance.

Authentic. Natural. Beautiful.

Tangerine, Blueberry, fig and caramelized vanilla: The notes read like a fancy grocery list.  Blended together, they strike the perfect balance between citrus and sweet. 

– Allure Magazine 


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