Natural Perfume FAQ

Natural Perfume

What is a natural perfume?

  • Natural perfume is a fragrance made from all natural ingredients, like essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures of herbs and flowers.

What makes natural perfume different from other perfume?

  • Ordinary perfume is chock full of chemicals. Often times the scents they claim to represent are not actually present in the bottle, and instead, chemicals are used to achieve the same effect. Ingredients such as diethyl phthalate, butylated hydroxytoluene, benzophenone, and other chemicals ordinarily found in designer perfumes are known to cause side effects such as allergies, cancer, hormone disruption, immune system disruption, and reproductive issues.
  • The essential oils used in natural perfume are not only holistic, natural occurrences of the scent rather than a chemical representation, but also essential oils have actually been shown to benefit a healthy body rather than harm it, like the chemicals found in most store-bought perfumes.

Why is natural perfume more expensive than other perfume?

  • Natural ingredients are much more expensive than artificial ones. For example, pure rose oil (which is what we use in several of our fragrances) is priced at around $500 per ounce.  We spend most of our budget on obtaining these ingredients in their purest form, rather than wasting money on advertising, packaging, and other costs that most store-brand perfume companies take on.

How long does natural perfume last?

  • After about one to two years, the perfume may start to separate. It won’t necessarily spoil, but the homogeneity of the mixture will eventually become compromised, causing inconsistency.

    Tsi-La’s natural oil perfumes are sold in beautiful, violet-glass roll-on bottles. The violet glass provides optimal protection to preserve the perfume’s natural benefits and shelf stability.

    Perfume shelf life depends on the perfume’s storage condition and the amount of oxygen present in the bottle. Avoid exposing perfume to excessive heat or direct sunlight. When properly stored, your oil perfume should stay true to the mixture for one year after first use.

Is natural perfume safe?

  • Natural perfume, in general, is a non-toxic, healthy alternative to synthetic perfume.

Are Tsi-La natural perfumes made with organic ingredients?

  • Yes – Tsi-La only uses organic, vegan, naturally-obtained ingredients in our perfumes.

Do you offer samples?

  • We sell small, sample sizes of most of our fragrances. We don’t offer free samples due to the small size of our company and the expensive nature of the ingredients we use.

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