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Our Mantra

We believe in the healing, beautifying power of pure essential oils and plant-based botanicals to delight the senses and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. We also worship the notion of clean beauty, after all, luxurious perfume should not come at a cost to our environment or your skin. Green has never smelt so glamorous.

Personal Changes Can Make a Big Impact – Live Like Earth Day is Everyday

We all want to save the planet – you can start with personal changes. Every April, when Earth Day rolls around, we think a bit harder about the environment. Sometimes we wonder if our small sacrifices have any impact on the big picture. Just how much can a single person do to make a noticeable…

Best Vegan DIY Skin Care Recipes

Nothing compares to treating yourself to a new skin care regimen or beauty treatment. Unfortunately, many beauty products today are filled with toxins and chemicals that can harm your body. But with hundreds of products available in stores, it can be next to impossible to find one that is responsibly sourced or entirely natural. The…
Heart symbol with vegetables

Vegan Dinner Party

Many people shy away from becoming a vegan because they think the diet is too limiting or because they believe that there isn’t enough variety in only eating vegetables. This can be frustrating if you’re looking to encourage your friend and family to try switching to veganism. Maybe throw an introductory Vegan Dinner Party! Getting…
Natural Spring Fragrance

Top Essential Oils for Spring

Many things come to mind when we think of Spring, but we’re willing to bet that most people find that the most memorable aspect this season are the blooming flowers and the incredible fragrances that come with them. Tsi~La’s refreshing, natural and pure essential oils can help you embrace the Springtime with the ideal scents…

The Perfect Romantic Vegan Dinner – Anytime!

It is often said by people that the way to your partner’s heart is through their stomach.  Unfortunately, there is a limited number of vegan recipes that even the hungriest of people would think about eating.  We have designed a tummy-filling meal with a scrumptious dessert that you are sure to win their hearts and…

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