Vegan Dinner Party

Many people shy away from becoming a vegan because they think the diet is too limiting or because they believe that there isn’t enough variety in only eating vegetables. This can be frustrating if you’re looking to encourage your friend and family to try switching to veganism. Maybe throw an introductory Vegan Dinner Party!

Getting your loved ones on board with a plant-based diet can be a challenge, but if you’re successful, the benefits are countless. From a health perspective, studies have shown that sticking to a vegan diet can promote weight loss, increase your daily intake of essential vitamins and nutrients, and has even been shown to lower your risk of heart and kidney disease and prevent certain kinds of cancer. But eating vegan can also protect the environment too. Mass production of animal products strain ecosystems and contribute to a striking percentage of greenhouse gas emissions.

So how you convince those who hesitate at the thought of eliminating meat, eggs, and dairy from their diet? The answer is simple – throw a vegan dinner party!

Share a Meal by Throwing a Vegan Dinner Party

Sharing a vegan meal with the people closest to you will not only give your friends and family the opportunity to try a delicious plant-based meal but also is the perfect time to talk about the benefits to changing to a vegan diet and discuss the best approach to making the transition to veganism. By the end of dessert, your friends will be eager to become vegans themselves!

At your vegan dinner party, it’s a good idea to offer your guests an array snacks and appetizers, in addition to your main course, so that you can show off the versatility of plant-only ingredients and the diversity of flavors.

What to Serve at a Vegan Dinner Party

For example, recreate deviled eggs – a classic dinner party appetizer – and offer your guest deviled tomatoes. To make this scrumptious finger food, combine one can of chickpeas (drained and rinsed), 1/3 cup of vegan mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, a tablespoon lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of yellow mustard, 1 teaspoon of curry powder, and a pinch of pepper in a food processor and pulse until combined, but still slightly chunky. Add two tablespoons of finely chopped chives and mix until just combined. Then, simply spoon the mixture into halved plum tomatoes with the seeds scooped out and serve!

If you’re worried that you’ll be busy cooking all day on the night of the party, you can always prep an appetizer the day before to save time. Chip dip is one easy option. You can make a tasty green pea, parsley, and pistachio dip by mixing 1 cup of cooked peas with 1 cup of packed parsley leaves, 2 tablespoons of fresh dill, 2/3 cup of shelled pistachios, juice of 1/2 lemon, a pinch of salt, and ¼ cup of water in a food processor until thoroughly combined. Place in a covered container and store in the refrigerator until your guests arrive, then serve with your favorite chips or veggies.

With a few great appetizers to kick off your dinner party, you’ll be sure to have a successful night and win over your friends with the vegan lifestyle!  You might even convince them to sample some of our vegan, organic perfumes!Heart symbol with vegetables

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