Top Essential Oils for Spring

Many things come to mind when we think of Spring, but we’re willing to bet that most people find that the most memorable aspect this season are the blooming flowers and the incredible fragrances that come with them. Tsi~La’s refreshing, natural and pure essential oils can help you embrace the Springtime with the ideal scents that will naturally complement the unique ambiance that we often associate with this beautiful season.


A sultry and fragrant flower, tuberose is a powerful yet uplifting scent that one will inevitably affiliate with Springtime. Believed to promote both relaxation and romance, while also boosting confidence and self-esteem, the extract derived from these night-time blooming flowers offer the perfect aroma to set the mood for a date night or evening out on the town. Our Fleur Sauvage oil puts the tuberose center stage, complementing its intense floral scent with citrus and woods to create a sweet, floral and sensual smell.


The leading scent in our Fiori D Arancio scent, orange essential oil is reminiscent of a warm spring day. Orange oil is extracted from the peel – not the fruit – which why you can always smell that delicate sweet citrusy aroma when you rip the peel off of an orange. An incredibly versatile scent, orange oil will create an uplifting atmosphere and refresh your mind and mood. Additionally, this essential oil can help combat depression and can leave you feeling happy and healthy throughout the day.


This elegant little flower may be small, but it packs a beautifully exotic scent. Its pleasing aroma has uplifting effects on your mood may ease depression and anxiety. Jasmine extract has also been found to nourish your skin and, in some cases,  even skin tone. If you are looking for a subtler springtime fragrance, consider using our Kizes perfume oil. This exquisite blend features juicy citrus notes at the forefront to create a bright, playful essence, but we complement these fresh scents with jasmine and other herbs to incorporate a hint of a floral element.


If you’re in need of a calm and tranquil spring day, you’ll want to include bergamot essential oil into your relaxation routine. Similar to an orange, bergamot encompasses sweet, citrusy smells but also incorporates complex flowery undertones. Bergamot essential oil is one of our favorite oils in our perfume blends, but for fragrances that evoke thoughts of Spring, we recommend our Misaki Perfume, where we’ve combined the luscious scents of bergamot with lavender, green tea, and vanilla for a perfectly refreshing essence.


Derived from the blossoms on orange trees, neroli essential oil is the ideal balance between both citrus and floral scents, making it versatile enough to mix with a variety of other oils ranging from flower and woods to herbs and spices. Like other citrus oils, neroli may ease depression and stress, but it is also believed to be a natural aphrodisiac that can stimulate romantic feelings. Our Fiori D’Arancio perfume oil combines neroli, vanilla, and lemongrass to create a sweet and bright blend ideal for everyday use through the Spring season.

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