The Unique Benefits Using Yoga and Aromatherapy

In today’s world, speed and maximum return is the common goal.  Unfortunately, many people forget that this drains our body on a physical level and spiritual level.  This is one reason yoga and meditation practice has grown so much in the western culture.  Forcing your mind and body to take a moment for reflection is proven to be beneficial for people’s health and well-being.  Taking your meditation one step further, you can target your emotions and energy using aromatherapy.  This will help improve your whole practice.  To get the most of the beneficial effects of yoga aromatherapy, you need to make sure that you are only using the highest quality essential oils, like Tsi-La offers.  It is not always clear whether a fragrance company offers 100% pure, organic oils being used.  



Lavender: Calms your mind and reduce your stress and anxiety

Patchouli: Grounds your mind and promotes mindfulness

Clary sage: Energizes your mind and awakens the senses

Jasmine: An expensive oil that has powerful healing properties; it aids with everything from depression to childbirth.

Rosemary: Prevent the foggy feeling by adding this scent to your humidifier for a  natural lift and memory booster.



Sandalwood: Helps strengthen and center your body so you can nail your poses, because It is used as a relaxing agent for tension relief.

Peppermint: Promotes breathing awareness and opens your air passages.



Grapefruit: Purifies and cleanses your soul

Bergamot: Nourishes and enriches your spirit

Cypress: Promotes enlightenment and the bodhi mind

Ylang-Ylang: Sweet aroma is excellent for reducing stress and as an aphrodisiac. It can even aid in upset stomach aches and headaches.

Geranium: foster stability and security

Sweet orange: encourage a positive outlook on life.
Next time you take a moment to meditate, focus on each category to cleanse and balance your Chakra.  Tsi-La Organics will aid you in your journey with our hand-made pure oils and fragrances.

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