Why Wear Organic Perfumes? Because Mother Nature Knows Best

Why Wear Organic Perfumes? Because Mother Nature Knows Best
Why Wear Organic Perfumes? Because Mother Nature Knows Best

When consumers find out how many potentially objectionable ingredients are in their cosmetics, they are often horrified. After all, these are products that we put on our bodies; they are not things we expect to have possibly harmful substance intentionally included in them.

For example, some commercial fragrances contain substances like phthalates, which are believed to disrupt your body’s natural hormonal functions. And according to Food Matters, the average fragrance contains up to 14 chemicals that are not listed anywhere on the packaging, so who knows what else these perfumes and colognes contain?

Many people who are mindful of both the fragility of our Earth and of their own bodies as well want to choose a more natural and organic approach to beauty. However, it can be difficult to find cosmetics that are both a pleasure to wear and still environmentally conscious.

That is why we are pleased to introduce to you to Tsi-La Organics organic perfumes.

All of Tsi-La’s Living Flower organic perfumes are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and made entirely from plant- and flower-based ingredients.

Tsi-La’s perfumes smell wonderful because they are made with ingredients “manufactured” in nature, rather than a lab. For example, tuberose lends a seductive and alluring smell to Tsi-La’s perfumes, while fragrances derived from moss add deeper and more anchoring notes. Tsi-La perfumes also incorporate scents like jasmine, orange blossom and ylang ylang. Some fragrances, like black pepper, are familiar, but become part of something wonderfully unexpected when put into the hands of Tsi-La’s innovative master perfumers.


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