What’s the True Smell of Luxury?

What's the True Smell of Luxury?
What’s the True Smell of Luxury?

By now, every celebrity may have a “signature scent,” but when it comes to true luxury, we look to the source: royalty.

Rulers of the past didn’t use harsh chemicals and questionable synthetics for their perfumes. The ancient Egyptians anointed their high officials with scents created purely by nature. This royal concept is the inspiration for our idea of a luxury organic lifestyle.

There are always going to be people who believe a man-made substance is superior to one that comes straight from a plant. They go outside, sniff the air, and think, “Wow, nature sure is boring.” But these people are missing out on the rich possibilities that exist in nature. And in any case, none of them work here.

We believe that nature inspires and excites the senses in ways that humans can only attempt to imitate. It does not need to be improved; it simply needs to be captured. The ancients recognized this, and if we step outside our synthetic world for a moment, we can too.

The natural environment is rich with scents that have been treasured for ages for the ways they interact with human senses. Jasmine, for instance, became popular among Chinese emperors in the tenth century. It has been used in religious rituals for millennia, and modern aromatherapists love its relaxing qualities. Frankincense, another one of our key ingredients, once exceeded gold in value.

Yes, these scents are natural, but they’re also incredibly indulgent. By blending them with other natural essences, you simply capture what nature has already perfected.

This is why the best perfume is organic. Anything else is just less than what nature has already given us. Why would you dilute beauty with a cheap imitation? For something as indulgent as perfume, it’s best to stick to the royal view: get it straight from the source.

Nature doesn’t need any human help to be rich and beautiful. To experience true indulgence as ancient royalty would, try our perfumes. Contact us to order your sample and experience the scent of organic luxury.

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