Tsi-La’s Fall Fragrance Report

Fall’s rich colors and vibrant flavors lend themselves beautifully to natural perfumes. We picked some of our favorite products from fellow organic perfumeries (many of whom work with small batches and hand make their scents). All of these scents contain the warm, cozy essences of fall (but can really be worn any time of the year).

These organic perfumes are 100% natural and adhere to our philosophies at Tsi-La. All of the ingredients in these perfumes are whole, healthy, and can help you accessorize your fall sweaters and scarves with a signature scent that is 100% you.

If you want to smell earthy…

RSW 005 from Lurk


The sandalwood oil that makes up the base for Lurk’s fragrance lends itself to a warm, earthy scent. A natural rose adds a bit of sweetness to the smell, making this scent pleasantly androgynous.

If you want to smell exotic…

Kesu from Tsi-La Organics


Our Kesu fragrance oil is laced with woods and spices, which gives it an exotic and warm flavor. With incense, jasmine, and lime making up its layers, this perfume is the perfect fall scent if you want to give off an air of warmth and sexiness.

If you want to smell spicy…

LOVE from MCMC Fragrances


MCMC’s “Love” is just that. It starts with coconut oil, one of the body’s favorites. From there, it uses templewood, citrus, basil, and spicy Japanese citrus to intoxify the senses and wrap you in a (figurative) giant blanket.

If you want to smell sultry…

Saqui from Tsi-La Organics


Saqui derives its warmth from lighter, sweeter scents. Its warm spices, like ginger, clove, and nutmeg, are offset by the sweet vanilla and orange base. It’ll remind you of the freshness of fall – crunchy leaves and crisp root vegetables.

Let us know what your favorite organic fall scents are!

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