Tsi-La Organics Unveils Floral Collection Organic Fragrances for Spring and Summer

Tsi-La Organics Unveils Floral Collection Organic Fragrances for Spring and Summer
Tsi-La Organics Unveils Floral Collection Organic Fragrances for Spring and Summer

If you’re like everyone at Tsi-La Organics you’re overjoyed that the wondrous sights, scents and occasions of spring are returning to warm our senses and emotions in renewed ways. In honor of those most beautiful of olfactory, visual and experiential moments, we’ve proudly unveiled our latest fragrance collection; the Spring Collection of Organic scents.

Tsi-La organics was founded on the belief that bringing these organics further into our lives is a key to our enjoyment of life as well as our health. The Spring Collection continues that belief with some of the most beautiful and enduring scents in a fragrance collection that evokes all of the emotions and excitement of spring and summer.

The new Spring Collection is an homage to the renewal of life as well as the spreading and growth of life-giving greenery that hints at the naturally exotic while still being able to unlock memories of the familiar.

Fleur Sauvage brings the bewitching aroma of tuberose infused with Tunisian neroli, Italian bergamot, Egyptian jasmine petals and rich blond woods. Ilang Ilang is a seductive blend of exotic florals laced with sugared citrus fruits and luscious Tahitian vanilla orchids to create a stirring feminine, natural perfume that’s steeped in summer’s warm goodness.
L’Absolu Vanille is a warm, seductive blend infused with intoxicating vanilla bourbon, sweet cocoa, Indonesian sandalwood and a touch of caramelized Siam benzoin resin that will delight the senses and wrap you in aromatic elegance. Fiori D Arancio infuses sparkling notes of luscious orange blossoms, juicy tangerines, caramelized vanilla, and Tunisian neroli flowers with nourishing extracts to create a sheer and delicate, natural perfume drenched in happiness.

These four 100-percent natural blends embody all of the sultry secrets and perfumed warm breezes of a night on a moonlit oasis.

This beautiful selection of four perfumes allows the wearer the freedom to explore and celebrate her natural beauty and femininity. The Spring fragrance wardrobe is a blendable collection that contains Fiori D Arancio, Fleur Sauvage, L Absolu Vanille and Ilang Ilang. Layer Tsi-La Perfumes to create an exclusive organic fragrance. Like all of the Tsi-La Organic Fragrances, they await the melding with each woman’s natural and individual body chemistry to bring out the one-of-a-kind fragrance undertones that are hers alone.

Rich and luxurious, organic and natural perfumes are the perfect invisible accessory for spring.

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