Tsi-La Natural Perfume: The Valentine Love Collection

Tsi-La Natural Perfume: The Valentine Love Collection
Tsi-La Natural Perfume: The Valentine Love Collection

Our Love Collection contains a 100% natural aromatic blend of the world’s finest aphrodisiac essential oils that will enhance your true beauty, stimulate the senses and wrap you in aromatic elegance . The marriage of organic freshness and distilled natural decadence can be found in everything we create. Our conscientiously designed products are Animal Cruelty Free, Vegan and made with Natural & Organic Ingredients.

Natural aromatics that compliment the Tsi-La Love Collection.

Fleur Sauvage Natural Perfume

Jasmine ALLURING & EROGENIC: white delicate flowers with a warm floral scent that is erogenic and alluring. It produces a feeling of confidence and euphoria to the wearer. Jasmine balances male and female energies and stimulates creativity.

Kesu Natural Perfume

Davana MYSTERIOUS & EXOTIC: the alluring blossoms warm gentle scent is mysterious and exotic. Davana can increase the flow of positive energy, feelings of inner peace and is used in traditional Ayurvedic formulations as an aphrodisiac. This Aromatic divine flower is offered to Shiva, the God of Transformation.

Ilang Ilang Natural Perfume

Ylang Ylang EUPHORIC & EROTIC: the perfume trees’ yellow flowers produce a heavy, sweet, sensual, floral note. Known as the flower of flowers. Can bring on feelings of joy, build self confidence and create a euphoric mood.

Fiori D Arancio Natural Perfume

Orange Flower HYPNOTIC & EUPHORIC: light and sweet white fragrant blossoms. Orange flower blossoms signify purity and love. It is calming, mildly hypnotic and promotes harmony and self confidence.


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