Top Vegan Father’s Day Gifts

Wondering what vegan Father’s Day gifts are out there?

Is your dad vegan, or are you vegan and want to make sure the gifts you give are also cruelty-free? Don’t stress because you aren’t certain what is and isn’t vegan. Here are some items you shouldn’t gift a vegan.

If you’re behind on getting that perfect gift, cool it – I’ve GOT YOU. Here’s a little gift guide I whipped up with some fun, animal-friendly, stylish gifts that any dad would like. The man you’re celebrating doesn’t even have to be vegan. In fact, he doesn’t even have to be a traditional father (dog dads count, especially shelter dog dads). Use this gift guide as an excuse to treat the good men in your life, even if it’s just with some sweet smellin’ (cruelty-free) cologne. Here is our list of vegan father’s day gifts:

Here’s what you should never buy a vegan as a gift:

  1. Non-vegan food ( that is, food that contains any animal products like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, whey or other animal-derived ingredients)
  2. Skincare, shaving cream or products or other toiletries that have been tested on animals or which contain non-vegan derivatives
  3. Clothing that contains fur, leather, wool or silk
  4. Down or feathers (in coats or bedding)
  5. Non-vegan beer, wine or bubbly – that’s right, some alcohols aren’t vegan because some alcohol is filtered through egg whites or fish bladder.

Still Stumped? Here are some great vegan ideas for you:

Let your dad enjoy some green tunes:

Does your dad love his music library and the vegan dads giftenvironment? Get your tech-savvy man an environmentally friendly gadget with the eco-amp from Eco-made. The eco-amp is an iPhone speaker amplifier made of 100% post-consumer recycled fibers constructed through 100% green electricity.   


Get him the best cruelty-free grooming tools:

The Pure Performance Shave Brush® features Silvertip Fibre® bristles that create an abundant, rich lather. The cruelty-free, state-of-the-art fibers are tangibly soft, long-lasting and non-porous, resulting in a brush that is hygienic with superior bristle memory and strength.

Reclaimed wood like no other!

Any fashion-forward vegan dad would love to sport this reclaimed renewable wooden watch by WeWood.  WeWOOD combines the Italian ability to design unique objects with the need for greater care and attention to our planet. The first to create wristwatches from wood, completely free of toxic and artificial materials using exotic remnant hardwoods from around the world. For each watch sold WeWOOD plants a tree, an initiative in collaboration with nonprofit organizations such as American Forests and Trees for the Future.vegan wooden watch

For the outdoorsy dad:

Make sure your father is sure to love this perfectly designed cooler at tailgating and on camping trips. Yeti cooler is the best option for all cooler occasions. It was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. The Yeti will take abuse without any degradation to your dad’s cool drinks. It simply will not break.dads gift

Rock 101 for Dads:

Get your rockstar dad some music lessons.  You have heard your dad mention that he wanted to finally take music lessons. – but he never actually finds the time.  This year, get your dad on of School of Rock’s intro packages for adults and get our the drum kit to start jammin’ School of Rock academies are located around the country, find the closest one to you!music lessons dad



Make sure your dad smells great with 100% natural vegan fragrance for men.

 Conventional colognes are brewed in laboratories and laced with chemicals, creating an essential is more art than science. Because Tsi-La is all-natural, essential oils break down faster than colognes do and need to be reapplied throughout the day. But because they’re super concentrated, you need only a drop on pulse points. The oils then mix with your skin’s natural oils, so no two dads will smell alike. And since Tsi-La Organics are hand-made, no two batches are exactly the same; this makes an oil seem more personalized.vegan mens cologne


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