Summer Solstice Party Ideas

The Summer Solstice celebrates life, outdoors, and pure, uncontaminated nature which is precisely what Tsi-La embraces.  Now, you could travel to Stonehenge to experience thousands of people celebrating a mega summer solstice party, but it is likely you will be sitting on the State side of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you live in an area where you can light a bonfire and have a grill-out, and you have access to in-season flowers and produce, you have the main ingredients for this summer solstice party. Just add seating, food, drinks, and music. Incorporate all the seasonal vegetables and fruits into the menu. Baby vegetables are beginning to make an appearance in gardens and at farmer’s markets, making them a perfect choice for a side dish. The idea is to celebrate the summer with in-season foods.


Solstice Drinks:

Iced tea is a staple for midsummer’s eve, its a refreshing drink for a nonalcoholic beverage. Add handfuls of lemon balm, black-stemmed peppermint or orange mint to flavor the brewing tea. June wine is a traditional drink for a summer solstice party. To make your own June wine, you need borage stems and flowers, one gallon of dry, red wine, the juice from three limes, one cup of granulated sugar, borage blossoms and slices of lime for garnishing.  Steep the borage in the wine, lime juice, and sugar for 24 hours in the refrigerator. During the party, pour the wine over ice in a punch bowl or pitcher. Float borage flowers on top along with lime slices for a festive look.


Solstice Party Attire:

Craft wreaths of St. John’s wort or mugwort for your guests. St. John’s wort is a leafy, hardy perennial often found growing in the countryside as a garden escapee. If you can find the herb, circles of St. John’s wort are easily made by gathering bunches and wiring them together until it forms a ring that fits the head. Decorate your wreaths by intertwining a ribbon through the leaves and stems. Add a few summer flowers and have guests wear the wreath throughout the evening.


Solstice Decorations:

Create that fresh summer feeling by making a flower Garland Backdrop.  TO do this use mix of both real and faux flowers, but you can go with either to create this magical floral wall hanging. Key rings, fishing lines and plenty of florals are all it takes to bring this darling garland backdrop to life. Use a homemade flower hanging ball to raise the bar of your party decor. Choose fresh blooms for a fragrant bonus or faux florals to ensure longevity. Either way, they’ll make pretty whimsical flourishes to your garden party.


Solstice Scents:

Make sure your guests feel and smell the reason for celebration.  By this, we mean to create a summer aroma for your guests to inhale.  Use a diffuser for the natural scent of citrus in the air.  Don’t forget to add a few drops of Tsi-La’s Fleur Sauvage to your wrists to smell like a summer solstice nymph of Mother Nature.

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