Spring Cleaning: For the Mind, Body & Soul

We all have a few bad habits or guilty pleasures we could bid farewell to
We all have a few bad habits or guilty pleasures we could bid farewell to

Let’s face it, most of us set some great goals and resolutions for New Year’s Day, but the truth of the matter is, we aren’t very good at achieving any of them (not by any fault of our own of course). Unless you’re living on the south end of the country, engulfed in 80 degree sunny weather it’s really hard to stick to a dedicated course of action when you’re forced prisoner by Jack Frost himself… SPRING! Now that’s the time to really buckle down and clean out the last three months of junk that has collectively accumulated in our grey matter. It’s time to rid ourselves of thoughts, habits, and clutter that have kept us from performing at an optimal level. So grab your broom, duster, mop or shovel and let’s get mindful, organized and cleansed.

1.) Ditch a faux pas
We all have a few bad habits or guilty pleasures we could bid farewell to. Ask yourself , what is one thing you’d like to change and how changing that habit will not only leave you feeling 10% happier, but has been holding you back from feeling at least 10% better about yourself. This can be anything from quitting smoking, eating out every day of the work or eating unhealthy snacks. Maybe it’s to give the electronic devices a break while in the company of others, or not watch TV every night of the week. Take the time to clean out at least one or even two of the vices.

2.) Get in Touch with Mother Nature
It has been said that the benefits, both mentally and physically of spending time outdoors is endless. In just 20 minutes of spending time outside at least 5 days a week can improve your creative juices by almost 50%. Spending time outside, paying attention to your breathing and listening to birds chirp and the bustle of the wind will allow for you to be completely present and in the moment. It will lower any stress you’re feeling and silence the chaotic buzz of self talk. Commit to being outside for at least 15-30 minutes a day, simply by spending time on your deck, stroll through the park, a walk with the dog, or a short jog around the neighborhood.

3.) Get Creative
Now that you’ve taken time to find clarity and mindfulness now let your mind run free and add a little creative fun back into your life. Creativity is a key human need and a lot of us don’t spend enough, if any, time doing it. Try starting a new activity or even go back to an old one you’ve left on the shelf with your college text books. This may be something like playing an instrument or learning a new language, or maybe writing, painting, or creating a mandala. Flex a few of your creative muscles and keep your mind, body and soul balanced.

4.) Let Go
We all have those people or relationships that could literally suck the energy out of a room full of Reiki instructors. These people never have anything good to say, are always negative, complaining and griping about anything and everything. They are a total drag. Find a polite way to separate yourself and bid them adieu. This can often be really challenging especially if these people are coworkers, family or long time friends. Now is the time to focus on your positive energy; you are who you surround yourself with. If you want to take yourself into a more optimistic and motivated environment; you need to step up and away from any type of toxic relationship.

5.) Get in Touch
Now that you’ve closed the door on an energy sucking vampire, spend time building or reconnecting a relationship. This relationship should be uplifting, affirming and powerful. Join a new group or club of like minded people; these can easily be found in the classified or community sections of your local paper or county website. Email, call or message those people you’re friends with, but have been putting off because you’re “too busy” aka being lazy. Sometimes evening getting in touch with a distant relative can provide a spark in your life. Optimal performance requires that you maintain and develop healthy positive relationships. You can never have too much positivity in your support group

6.) Clear the Clutter (Literally)
Unnecessary clutter and extra materials can have a huge impact on your life. Less clutter around you physically will allow for a less cluttered mind and a healthier environment. This can be as simple as taking a few hours a day deleting old email accounts or junk mail or as extensive as the traditional “Spring cleaning”. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months – a year, sure there may be a time and place for all your things, but chances are you’re simply holding on to excess baggage (in tangible form). How great does it feel to have all the laundry finished and put away, or when your desk is completely organized and functional?

It’s a feeling of self greatness and motivation.
Committing to take one small action every day will make a world of difference for a healthier you.
Let us know what steps you’re taking and how you plan to spring clean your mind, body and soul.


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