Pumpkin Pie and Saqui?

Pumpkin Pie and Saqui?
Pumpkin Pie and Saqui?
It’s true! Dr. Alan Hirsch, the Director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center confirms it…

In a study of men ages 18 to 64, 40 aromas were tested to determine which scent arouses men the most. The smell of pumpkin pie topped ladies’ fragrances.

It may sound strange, but maybe truth is stranger than fiction. After all, consider our Saqui blend.

Saqui is our warm, provocative blend of ginger, clove, and nutmeg that mingles with sensuous vanilla orchids and a delicate infusion of Valencia orange, Italian bergamot and pomelo to create stimulation, temptation, and attraction.

Pretty amazing, huh? Let me know your thoughts!



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