Organic vs Natural Perfume and Cosmetics: Is There A Difference?

What is better? Organic vs Natural Perfume and Cosmetics

Organic and natural fragrance and cosmetic products are steadily gaining popularity among consumers who care about what they put in on/in their body. It seems that everywhere you look, you’ll see products advertised as ‘natural’ or ‘organic.’

However, the real question is: what is the real difference between natural and organic perfumes and products?

It indeed becomes an issue of legality.  Since there is no legal definition of the term ‘natural,’ the term refers to many different things. This general definition means that a natural skincare product could MIGHT contain natural ingredients AND synthetic ingredients. The ingredients in your natural shampoo might be naturally derived, but so processed to the point that they are not considered natural anymore.

The term natural could even refer to the one or two natural ingredients in a product while the majority of the components are chemical.

Since the term is not regulated, ‘natural’ unfortunately does not mean much. This is why is it important to look at the ingredients of natural perfumes and cosmetics.  So we want to stress that there are brands out there that produce actual natural products, like Tsi-La Organics.  Unfortunately, the other brands that are not really “natural” use the term to gain sales and mislead the consumer.

When it comes to organic products and ingredients, specific rules apply. A company cannot claim that their products are entirely ‘organic’ when they contain partially synthetic ingredients.

The difference between natural and organic ingredients is that organic ingredients come from non-genetically modified plants, are grown in protected and sustainable environments, and no artificial pesticides or toxic substances are used while growing or harvesting the ingredients.  For example, Tsi-La uses certified organic jojoba oil as a principal base ingredient in all of our handmade roll-on natural perfumes.  As an all-natural vegan brand, we are certified by PETA because we only use animal cruelty-free vegan ingredients that are pure, safe and are grown with respect for nature, humans and animals alike. We recommend that you always read your cosmetics ingredient’s labels because many companies still use the word organic even though the cosmetic is not remotely natural.

Real all-natural organic beauty products, like Tsi-La, contain the best that nature has to offer: plant-based oils, butter, extracts and scents that are a pleasure to use and can provide real holistic and aromatherapeutic benefits to the user.

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