Organic September: Why Go Organic?

In September, we celebrate all things organic and the reasons why we choose to be clean and green. Everyone has their own personal reasons for making the organic lifestyle change, but these reasons are some of our favorites, and they’re the ones that keep us firm and proud in our choice.


Why Go Organic?

For Nutrition
When you eat organic food and use organic beauty products, you reduce your intake of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Organically farmed food is also actually more nutritious than conventionally farmed food.

For Animal Welfare
Organically harvested meat comes from animals who have not been subjected to the unhealthy and immoral methods used by many big corporations. The animals are free-range, are fed a natural diet, and are not given antibiotics.

For the Planet
Organic farming reduces greenhouse gases, introduces far fewer harmful chemicals into the soil, and protects waterways.

For Your Local Ecosystems
By not spraying pesticides, farms allow the local ecosystems to flourish. Butterflies, birds, and bees (all essential to the health of the environment), can benefit from the plants without harming them.

To Avoid Antibiotics
Because the plants and animals in organic farms aren’t given antibiotics, those antibiotics can’t get into your body when you eat the food and cause a range of health problems.

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