Must Have Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day…

Must Have Essential Oils For Valentine's Day...
Must Have Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day…
This Valentine’s Day I want to share four essential oils that everyone should have in their “scent” arsenal. All are known for their aphrodisiac qualities… although their scents are completely different!

1) Jasmine is a seductive floral powerhouse. It is considered relaxing, calming, romantic, and sensual.
2) Vanilla is offers a subtle, sweet aroma. It is comforting… and sexy.
3) Rose is harmonizing and romantic… it is the essential oil for love and finally
4) Ylang Ylang is known as the “flower of flowers” in Indonesia and is used on wedding nights. Need I say more?

So why not take the plunge and check them out? After all, you can never have too much of a good thing this Valentine’s Day!


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