Mother’s Day + Mother Earth

On May 14 this year, many of us will show appreciation for our mothers, and all that they have provided us. On Mother’s Day, we should also recognize the one “mother” that we often forget about, Mother Earth, by creating an eco-friendly Mother’s Day celebration. mother's dayThe idea is to combine the concept of “Earth Day” with “Mother’s Day” for this eco-celebration. This Sunday, many families will go out to eat, for brunch or dinner, because statistically Mother’s Day is one of the most popular restaurant days of the year. Mother’s appreciate not having to prepare the traditional family meal.  Unfortunately, going out to eat does not sound so magnanimous when we consider that American’s throw out over 43,000 tons of food in the United States each day.  We toss out enough paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons to circle the equator 300 times, annually. However, we can each do our part to reduce this waste on Mother’s Day by exploring creative ways to throw a fun, festive meal with a minimum impact on the environment.

Eco- Mother’s Day Food

Choose local ingredients for your meal and organic, vegan foods whenever possible.  For every vegan in America, 25 land animals will be saved per year. Purchase local organic fruits and vegetables from the local farmer’s market rather than imported foods. These are sustainable options, which are more environmentally friendly for our Mother Nature.

Mother Earth Decorations

Consider arrangements that blend local plants with fruits and vegetables that you can eat later in the week for centerpieces that are eye catching, unique, and environmentally friendly. Rather than buying a large bunch of flowers, be creative. Take one bunch of flowers and mix it with other organic items so you can spread cheerful decorations all around the house. We tried tulips, kale, and asparagus for color and texture.  Our advice: Be creative! For vases, use unconventional containers that are already around the house.

To create an interesting arrangement, use biodegradable florist foam and soak it with water. Biodegradable foams are typically available in the flower section of supermarkets and grocery stores. Place these at the bottom of a small bowl or vase. Push the stems of freshly cut flowers into the foam. Pick local, organic flowers from your farmer’s market, an environmentally conscious flower shop, or even your backyard.

Vegan Mother’s Day Gifts

Most mothers worry about what their children put in and on their bodies.  Mother’s look for the healthiest foods and remedies, because they genuinely are interested in providing the best for their children.  Giving our mothers a token of appreciation on their day of celebration is a kind way of telling them we are grateful for all they have done for us. Perfume makes a wonderful and often appreciated Mother’s Day gift.  What better way to give back some of the care and thoughtfulness that our mothers gave to us by selecting a perfume that is organic and natural?  Try one of our spring fragrances in our Living Flower or Living Blossom collection.  These botanical perfume collections make the perfect gift for any eco-friendly mother.  Not only does TsiLa perfume incorporate healthy ingredients, it is also 100% organic and vegan.  TsiLa perfume is a gift to Mother Nature because it is made from organic renewable oils.

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