Jasmine, An Alluring Component Of Tsi-La’s Luxury Natural Perfumes

Jasmine, An Alluring Component Of Tsi-La's Luxury Natural Perfumes
Jasmine, An Alluring Component Of Tsi-La’s Luxury Natural Perfumes

Jasmine is one of the staple fragrances that Tsi-La Organics uses in its line of Living Flower natural perfumes.

This flower has been famed since ancient times for its heady fragrance. That jasmine has been cultivated so widely and for so long is a testament to its enduring popularity.

There are an estimated 200 types of jasmine, which is a member of the olive family, known to botany. Some grow as shrubs and other as vines, but they are all native to the tropical areas of Africa, Australia and Asia. No jasmine variety is native to Europe, but it has become naturalized in parts of Spain, Portugal and Italy. Jasmine is popular as a houseplant in North America as well.

Jasmine flowers are delicate and white and bloom in the evening. Poets and artists have been enchanted by the idea of the small white blossom that fills moonlit gardens with its fragrance and so have made the flower the subject of countless works of art. Jasmine is so venerated that it is the national flower of Pakistan, the Philipines and Indonesia. It is also the symbol of the Syrian city of Damascus.

Tsi-La uses jasmine absolute oil (which differs from “essential oil” in its extraction method, since jasmine flowers are too delicate to be submitted to the essential-oil extraction process) in many of its perfumes because it supplies an exotic and alluring fragrance. Nothing, no other flower and certainly not a synthetic creation, can mimic the natural appeal of jasmine.


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