Find Your Perfect Aphrodisiac Essential Oils Blend

The right aphrodisiac essential oils blend can make a romantic evening with that special someone even more enjoyable. The organic oils work by relaxing the mind and alleviating any discomfort you may be experiencing because they set the mood. The oil blend is not like medications that people take to stimulate arousal.

Using specific essential oils for your sex drive are much more subtle and with longer-lasting because they naturally increase libido. When used regularly, the essential oils blend will keep the romance going night after night, rather than just a few hours. Aphrodisiac essential oil also will not cause arousal in people who are not interested; this will both strengthen and enhance your sex life. They just make it easier for romantic partners to get in the mood.  This year try using a blend of our preferred aphrodisiac essential oils:

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli essential oil (which is blossoms from citrus plants) is an aphrodisiac essential oil with an intense orange blossom floral fragrance. It relieves pain, including nerve pain, alleviates headaches, calms anxiety, reduces stress, reduces cortisol levels, and invigorates the mind while helping eliminate depression.
When this essential oil is diluted it can be applied onto your inner thighs, lower back, abdominal area, and chest. You can also diffuse neroli EO for a little romantic aromatherapy in your home diffuser. Neroli oil is very sedative and potent, and typically you would only need a few drops added to an organic base oil. Falling asleep prematurely on Valentine’s Day will not be possible using this essential oil. Your romantic evening with your partner will not disappoint


The natural aphrodisiac can both induce a sense of euphoria and relaxation. Who doesn’t want to be happy and at peace? According to Dr. Craig Warren of the Sense of Smell Institute, “Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness universally around the world. Of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked globally.”
Spritz a little L’Absolu Vanille on when you see your love on Valentine’s Day.  L’Absolu Vanille has the extract of vanilla, sweet cocoa, and Indonesian sandalwood with a hint of tobacco.  There is no question why we call it the “hopeless romantic.”


The smell of sandalwood oil is one of the most seductive aphrodisiacs of all the scents.  This oil can increase the libido in both you and him.  The scent of sandalwood oil will slow your breathing, and calm your emotions.
Sandalwood will give you a needed warming effect of the body and stronger connection to your lover.  Many of Tsila’s fragrances contain sandalwood 


It has a very calming effect and helps ease away stress, but it does not cloud the mind like other sedatives like alcohol.  Lavender also can increase blood flow when the time it needed on Valentine’s Day.  It is essential to use real lavender oil because only real lavender extract creates this sensuous feeling in the bedroom.  Misaki contains lavender in its formula for this specific reason.
The sense of smell is possibly the strongest of all five senses.  We remember smells from our childhood far more often than an image.  Scents are quickest to elicit a response, either positive or negative.  The international day of love, it is crucial for you to create a comforting and alluring mood through smells.  With Tsi-La Organic’s help, you’ll have no problem creating a seductive setting for Valentine’s Day or any sexy occasion with our customizable aphrodisiac essential oils. Click here to visit our shop and get 20% off at checkout.

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