Essential Oils for Traveling

The summer isn’t quite over yet, which means there’s plenty of time to squeeze in a bit of last minute travel. Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, train, or foot, travel can lead to changes in routine and environment that occasionally wreak havoc on the body and its ability to stay balanced and happy.

Luckily, there are plenty of handy, natural remedies to common travel ailments. You don’t need to sacrifice fun, comfort, or staying true to a green, natural lifestyle in order to have a great vacation.


Essential Oils for Travel

Peppermint – This oil is a fantastic travel companion. Applying it topically can help ease stomach pain and discomfort, muscle and joint tension, and generally refresh and lift the body’s energy. It’s also great for motion sickness.

Frankincense – This oil is an excellent go-to for head and neck tension, which are common travel ailments after being on a long car or plane ride. It can also help soothe and heal bug bites as well as boost the immune system.

Wild Orange – This oil is notorious for protecting the body from foreign invasions. Orange boosts the immune system and helps keep your body strong and healthy even when it’s tired and vulnerable.

Eucalyptus – This oil is a powerhouse when it comes to respiratory health. It can open the sinuses and help to purify the air if you’re in a stuffy hotel room or a location with unfamiliar allergens.

Lavender – The calming and relaxing properties of lavender are great for travel nerves and anxiety, if you struggle with flying or get frustrated in traffic. It can also help to soothe sun-related skin irritations (rashes, burns, etc.)

Chamomile – If you have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar locations, chamomile is your ticket to a good night’s sleep. You can diffuse it if you’ve got room in your suitcase for your favorite diffuser, or you can apply it to the chest so that its scent wafts toward your face when you breathe.

Guidelines for Using Essential Oils on the Go

Many oil suppliers offer smaller oil containers for travel purposes. A travel kit is useful because it ensures you don’t need to bring your entire supply of any particular oil along with you and risk losing it or breaking the bottle. It also helps with liquid regulations on airplanes to have smaller vials of the oils to take along.

Bringing an oil diffuser on a trip isn’t always viable, but a good alternative is to bring mini spray bottles. Dilute your oils with water, witch hazel, and/or alcohol and spray them throughout the room and over the furniture for a diffusing effect.

Another great way to get your daily oil supply in is to add a few drops to your water bottle. (Make sure your chosen oil is safe for consumption before trying this method). A little bit of orange or peppermint in your water can refresh, calm, and energize all at once.


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