Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Yoga as a practice helps bring your mind in tune with your body, while aromatherapy with essential oils helps relax and balance various parts of your mind and body through your physical senses. Together, they can really help you dig into your emotions and heal any physical or mental stress you may be experiencing.

Yoga and aromatherapy are also widely believed have similar benefits. Both can decrease stress in the body, keep organs and tissues healthy, aid in weight loss, and boost immunity, among other amazing effects.


How to Use Essential Oils as Part of Your Yoga Practice

There are a number of ways to include oils in your yoga practice.

  • Diffusing essential oils: You can put your oils in an automatic diffuser, a reed diffuser or in a shallow dish close to a source of air in your practice space. This will expel the oil particles into the air so that you breathe them in.
  • Cleaning with essential oils: Certain oils have purifying properties, which you can use to wipe down yoga mats and equipment.
  • Anointing with essential oils: Depending on the yoga practice, some oils can be applied directly to the skin in order to promote spirituality and mindfulness. In other practices, oils can be used as a rub to relax and ease strain on various muscles, or on pulse points to distribute their benefits throughout the body.

Which Oils Work Best for Yoga?

  • Lavender – To calm and relax
  • Lemongrass and bergamot – To cleanse and purify
  • Eucalyptus and rosemary – To promote deep breathing and energy flow
  • Vetiver and patchouli – To ground and center
  • Jasmine and rose – To promote spirituality and emotional expression
  • Sandalwood and frankincense – To strengthen and focus
  • Coriander – To calm and relax sore muscles

*Jasmine is in Kizes and Fleur Savage.
*Frankincense and Sandalwood are in Kesu.
*Rosemary and Lavendar are in Misaki.
*Lemongrass is in Fiori D Arancio.


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