Celebrate Earth Day with Tsi-La Organics and Win Kesu Perfume worth $88

Celebrate Earth Day with Tsi-La Organics and Win Kesu Perfume worth $88
Celebrate Earth Day with Tsi-La Organics and Win Kesu Perfume worth $88

April 22nd is Earth Day, and Tsi-La Organics is marking it with our “Green is the New Black” Promotion. Let us know how you support the use of renewable and safe products for your body, and you could win a bottle of our Kesu all-natural perfume on Earth Day.

Living a life that is kind to the planet, animals, and your body is very fashionable, but talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk. If you take the holistic approach to your well-being and an ethical stance in your life when it comes to the earth and the animals, we want to know with our Green is the New Black promotion. If you post about one small change you have made for yourself and Mother Earth on our Facebook page, you will be eligible to win our all-natural Kesu perfume worth $88!

April 22nd marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, and more than a billion people across the world celebrate in ways that help the planet. This day is a symbol of the hard work and ethical choices that people across the planet are making every day to help keep the planet green, clean and healthy.

At Tsi-La Organics, we are founded on the belief that the beauty derived from the natural world is the best and healthiest source of the all-natural substances that can enhance our lives. That’s why all of our fragrances are created from all-natural plants that have been the source of the most vibrant scents for thousands of years.

Our Kesu Organic Eau De Parfum is a stunning example of our all-natural perfumes that combine organic ingredients that imbue the wearer with a unique scent that enhances natural calming effects for anyone that smells it. Kesu is a complex blend of organic scents that includes a balance of warm amber, precious rare woods, and smoky incense.

Davana, an essential oil derived from an aromatic herb known as the Davana plant adds an exotic note to the blend. Its sweet and fruity scent is widely used for calming anger as well as for fighting infections. To this mix, we add a range of exotic spices and fresh lime to create a unisex, natural perfume that smells mysterious, provocative, and good enough to eat.

Like all of our scent creations, Kesu is a testament to our stance on creating wonderful one-of-a-kind organic scents that can help enhance positive moods while being safe for the wearer and the planet. That means animal cruelty-free, vegan, and free from harmful synthetics, colors, and preservatives that are found in too many products today.

If you treasure all natural renewable products that help the earth and people to live in closer harmony, then you’re likely to be someone that treasures our organic fragrances. Just let us know about a small way in which you live that sustainable and ethical life in support of mother earth by posting it on our Facebook page. We’ll put you in the running to win our fabulous Kesu all-natural organic fragrance worth $88.

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