Transcend Your Way Into Spring Through Kapha Balancing


The climate is warming up, the ice is melting, and the sunlight is returning.

In the ayurvedic system of health every season has a dosha, or set of qualities, associated with it. Winter, governed by Vata dosha, has been cold, dry and dark. When the sun lingers longer, the ground thaws and mud heralds the beginning of Kapha dosha season. Kapha season starts out wet and cold in March and ends up wet and warm, in May and June.

As we settle into Kapha season it’s time to shed a few layers of clothes—and to similarly lighten our diet and modify self-care routines to keep up with the changing season. Nature is awakening and becoming more active. To stay in harmony and alignment, we can turn to the ancient science of ayurveda for tips. Ayurveda (study of plants) tradition recommends following a Ritucharya (answer to lifestyle disorders), a seasonal regimen, to maintain a healthy balance in both body and mind

Here are a few tips to help you keep Kapha in check:

  • Have a cup of hot water first thing in the morning to clear excess Kapha for the day ahead. Warm ginger tea throughout the day will strengthen your agni (foundation of truth) , or digestive fire. Try keeping a small thermos close throughout to day.
  • Kapha can slow the digestive process.  A walk of 100 – 1000 steps after meals will aid digestion. You can also lean to the left while sitting or lay on your left side to expedite digestion.
  • Use a Nasal Rinse. Neti is a nasal rinse with a mineral salt solution delivered using a Neti Pot. It does wonders to reduce – and even eliminate – seasonal allergies and congestion. Along with strengthening agni, neti is a great preventative practice to ward off springtime colds. Neti is meant to keep the nasal passages toned to prevent congestive issues.
  • Massage—whether you practice the Ayurvedic self massage or receive a professional massage, you are treating your largest organ (the skin) with oil, nurturing your body, enhancing longevity, supporting your immune system, and helping move metabolic wastes out of your tissues. Massage may also help with sleeplessness and anxiety.  Tsi-La essential oil fragrances are made with pure plant botanicals and are highly recommended for massage use.
  • Eat foods that favor the season of Kapha:  Hot ginger tea taken at meals will help wake up dulled taste buds and can make digestion more efficient. Eat lots of vegetables, beans are particularly Kapha-friendly (with the exception of soy beans) and fruits like apples, pears, cranberries. Limit your consumption of red meat and dairy.  



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