Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy 101
Aromatherapy 101
Aromatherapy is the intentional use of natural essential oils to balance your mind, body and spirit through your sense of smell and trans dermal absorption. As the true energy and essence of plants, essential oils are the core building blocks of aromatherapy.

With aromatherapy, when you smell something you engage your olfactory nerves. These nerves send their response to the Limbic system which causes a trigger to your hormonal systems. In addition essential oil constituents can also be absorbed by the nasal membranes and lungs via inhalation.

With Tsi-La natural perfume essential oils, these triggers result in the release of specific chemicals in your body that help you…

Relax and sooth the mind

Balance your energy

Stimulate and refresh the soul

Maintain your health

Create a tranquil, sensual and seductive environment

Revive both mind, body and spirit

A key part of aromatherapy is also “trans dermal absorption” – when essential oils are absorbed via your skin. Trans dermal absorption enables you absorb the true essence and energy of the plant thereby allowing you top reap the molecular benefits of mother nature.

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