All About Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is just one of the organic ingredients we use in our perfumes and oils, and it’s one that has quite a big name at the moment. It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about the magical powers of coconut oil.

There are many ways this ingredient can help you in your life, from internal to external, and there are just as many ways to use it.

coconut oil is made from coconuts

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

For the inside

Health gurus cannot get enough of coconut oil recently (as you’ve probably noticed), and with good reason. This stuff does so many great things for your body it’s nearly impossible to detail all of them. A few of the big benefits are as follows:

  • It combats heart disease due to high levels of lauric acid.
  • It’s full of healthy fats and amino acids that are great in aiding weight loss, especially abdominal weight loss in women.
  • The specific lipids in coconut oil have antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it an effective tool for boosting the immune system.
  • When applied to wounds and bruises, it protects the affected area and speeds up the healing process.
  • It prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver, preventing liver disease.
  • It helps dissolve kidney stones and keeps the gall bladder healthy.
  • It helps control blood sugar and insulin levels, making it an effective tool against diabetes.
  • It increases the ability of our bones to absorb important minerals.
  • It reduces our susceptibility to HIV and cancer.

For the outside

Skin: Coconut oil’s moisture properties can’t be beat. It also contains tons of antioxidants that help with anti-aging.

Hair: Coconut oil helps keep your hair shiny and healthy by aiding in protein growth. If you massage your head with coconut oil on a regular basis, you’ll help with hair growth and scalp moisture (and also reduce dandruff).

Ways to Use Coconut Oila scoop of coconut oil

  • Cook with it in place of canola or olive oil. (Unrefined coconut oil is the healthiest option, but retains some of its coconutty odor and flavor. Refined coconut oil doesn’t have an odor or flavor, but is higher in trans-fats due to the refining process.) You can use it as a replacement any time a recipe calls for oil or butter.
  • Add it to your morning coffee to suppress your appetite, boost your energy and metabolism, and boost your immune system.
  • In the shower, after shampooing, melt some coconut oil in your hands. Coat your hair evenly with the oil and comb it through with your fingers (avoid your scalp if you’re prone to grease). Let the oil sit for five minutes and then rinse it out. This will help deliver moisture and shine to dry, damaged hair. (And it’s color safe!)
  • Rub it between your hands and add it to the ends of your hair when it’s dry. This will protect you from frizz and fly-aways all day.
  • Use a small amount on your skin as moisturizer. You can use it straight from the jar, but if you’re nervous about oily skin, you can also shop for moisturizers that contain coconut oil as part of their base.
  • Use it as lip balm, like you would petroleum jelly. It’s just as moisturizing and much healthier.
  • Add a dab of it under your eyes before bed as a substitute for expensive eye cream. (The main benefit to most eye creams is moisture, and coconut oil has got you covered for a fraction of the price.)
  • Combine it with brown sugar or sea salt to create a moisturizing exfoliant. (Your skin will thank you.)
  • Use it directly from the jar as a substitute for shaving cream.
  • Use it as makeup remover. One liquid teaspoon of coconut oil on a cotton pad can remove an entire day’s worth of makeup without introducing harsh chemicals directly to your skin.
  • You can clean with it around your house instead of using cleaning chemicals that are often times unsafe. Use coconut oil as wood polish, leather polish, car detailer, and more.

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