6 of Our Favorite Natural, Organic, Vegan Food Brands

It may sound counter-intuitive, but anyone who is trying to practice eating on the organic and/or vegan spectrum knows that grocery shopping is one of the hardest parts of the week. Being committed to choosing wholesome, natural, vegan products is much easier than it sounds. To be successful, you have to read labels, study company backgrounds and umbrellas, and generally be a walking encyclopedia on veganism.

Below are some of our favorite natural, vegan, organic food brands. You can trust that these labels adhere to your standards, and you don’t need to stress about reading every ingredient on the package.

  1. Eden Foods – Eden’s philosophy is about the purity of their food. They point out that USDA organic certified foods no longer necessarily have to be natural, and their company likes to maintain that link. Their best known products are organic grains and pocket snacks.
  2. Bragg’s – The Bragg family’s motto is, ““You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do”. They are most famously known for their apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and liquid aminos.
  3. Food for Life – Food for Life is the company behind Ezekiel Bread and its derivatives. It is perhaps the most popularly cited grain company of dietitians and health gurus for its sprouted grain products.
  4. Nature’s Path – Nature’s Path started as a family-owned organic berry company. A father told his son, “Always leave the soil better than you found it.” From there, the company evolved into its current state; one of the most well-known organic cereal and grain companies in the organic sphere.
  5. Bob’s Red Mill – Bob and his wife use their stone mill to create versions of “nature’s super foods” that are usable in the average kitchen (such as various types of flour, oats, cake mixes, etc.) They are dedicated to bringing the best whole grain, gluten free products available to the market.
  6. VEGA – The one downside to most lean protein powders and bars tends to be the artificial chemicals they are loaded with. Vega changes the game and creates a completely vegan, natural protein powder (with sustainable practices), so you can reach your goals while adhering to your values.



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