5 Reasons to Detox Your Skin Regime Naturally and #DITCHtheDIRT

5 Reasons to Detox Your Skin Regime Naturally and #DITCHtheDIRT
5 Reasons to Detox Your Skin Regime Naturally and #DITCHtheDIRT

The snow is finally melting, the spring birds are chirping and the cherry blossoms will soon be in full bloom. Alas, spring has finally sprung! But wait, what has old man winter left of your skin? The overuse of mass produced body lotions and moisturizers loaded full of synthetic lab composed ingredients probably did more harm than good in attempt to keep your skin hydrated. With the spring Equinox fast approaching, now is the perfect time to Detox your skin regimen naturally and greet the vernal season with healthier natural skin. Here are a few quick and easy tips to steer you into a naturally beneficial skin routine.

1.) Be Mindful of what You Put “In” and On Your Body – you are what you eat
You spend a lot of time thinking about what you put “IN” your body, but equally important is what you put “ON” your body. Our skin is the largest organ on our body (and for some reason the one that gets most often overlooked). Your skin can absorb harmful chemicals from the environment around you and what you put on it, both good (natural) and bad (synthetic) alike. Make sure you’re putting on the best and authentic natural and organic certified products.

2.) Read the Ingredient List
The goal is to find products with the fewest toxic ingredients. Avoid brands with the following: Paraben, Phthalates, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, emulsifiers, silicones, and a token few active ingredients. These harmful chemicals have been shown to cause cancers or other damage, and they enter your bloodstream via your skin. When using a regimen that contains synthetic chemicals (parabens), the skin can harbor the toxins that are accumulated through the low-dose chemical exposure. These types of synthetics will make the skin feel hydrated, but at the cost of slowing down the skin’s own natural production of moisture like hyaluronic acid.

Note: You probably won’t see paraben on the label, but it might say something like methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben. Do not be fooled! These are ALL types of parabens and potentially harmful.

3.) Re-think your Need for Toxins
Not only are synthetic beauty products bad for you skin they are also bad for the environment and are far from cruelty free L. The details of animal testing will be spared as it is a horribly nasty and inhumane way for labs to test chemically produced ingredients (such as the list above). For the love of (whatever faith you believe in) make sure your products read “CRUELTY FREE”!!!

4.) Replace Lab Synthetic Ingredients with the Natural Stuff
It’s easy for products to market themselves as natural and/or organic. Be sure ingredients are “certified organic”, “USDA certified”, “plant based”. Use brands like Tsi-La Organics “Green Luxury” perfumes; the multi-functional, natural fragrances have 100-percent natural plant and flower-based ingredients that are packed with living and active essential oils, use certified organic ingredients and are 110% cruelty free. In addition the nutrient-rich organic extracts are also high in minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

5.) Take Tsi-La’s #DITCHtheDIRT Challenge:
It’s time to free yourself from toxic waste and ditch those dirty, so called “beauty” products. We are challenging you to take a skin stance and detoxify this spring. Join the green revolution and win Tsi-La’s Perfume Amnesty Living Flower Collection.

Three randomly selected winners will get their Living Flower Collection of Organic fragrances for FREE! You can enter to win the TSI-LA perfume Amnesty by simply following these steps:

1.) Follow @tsilaorganics on Instagram
2.) Like us on Facebook
3.) Like this photo
4.) Tell us what synthetic beauty product you threw out to detox your beauty routine and then tag two friends to take the #ditchthedirt challenge

The winners will be selected at random with one winner on Instagram, one winner on Facebook and one person who pinned the photo from this blog post. We will then announce the winners on March 20th (first day of spring) with each of them receiving a FREE Living Flower Collection.

We at Tsi-La Organics understand that you may still be dealing with something akin to Stockholm syndrome with the long-standing, potentially unhealthy relationship you have had with your current synthetic perfume. That’s why our website and blog are all geared to providing the answers you need to break free and find the superior and 100-percent plant-based organic ingredients. Since our products are non-synthetic, chemical and cruelty free scents, you’ll be starting spring with a set of wonderful and natural mood enhancing scents that will help you start the season fresh.


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