10 Great Ways to Be Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Because green doesn’t just represent a color or a culture – it represents a lifestyle. These easy tips can help you transform your life into a safe, healthy, sustainable one.

  1. puppy-1022421_640Use organic shampoo that is formulated without sulfates and parabens. Not only will this help you keep harmful chemicals from coming in contact with your scalp, but also you won’t be rinsing them down your drain and back into the environment.
  2. Wash your clothes and dishes with organic soaps. (Remember – just because something says “natural” doesn’t mean it’s organic and safe.)
  3. Brew certified organic coffee in the mornicoffee-to-go-1111440_640ngs – if it doesn’t have the USDA certified green label, it wasn’t grown using sustainable guidelines. Use organic fair trade coffee if you want to feel extra good about the practices your purchase supports.
  4. Take your organic, green, fair-trade coffee to work or school or the gym with you in a reusable travel mug instead of the paper or styrofoam one you might get at a coffee shop.
  5. When you buy your groceries, take your own reusable bags – most stores will compensate you for bringing them at 5 to 10 cents per bag! If you forget, though, you can recycle your plastic grocery bags. Find your nearest plastic bag recycling location here: http://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/

  6. Don’t use paper to pack your lunch. Instead, invest in a lunchbox – it’s healthier for the environment plus it will keep your lunch nice and cool!
  7. Use glass Pyrex containers and mason jars to store your leftovers instead of plastic Tupperware ones. Studies have shown that plastic has a tendency to leech into our food and beverages and cause all kinds of health problems, including cancer.
  8. Repurpose empty containers and household items instead of throwing them away. For example, empty paper towel rolls can be flattened and used to safely store knives in a drawer. products_misakiMagazines can be rolled up and used to help boots keep their shape during the warmer months.
  9. Plug your electronics (phone, tablet, laptop) into a power strip. Turn the entire strip off overnight to prevent these items from drawing excess energy (as they have a reputation for doing).
  10. Switch out your traditional beauty products for organic ones. A great example is Tsi-La’s Misaki organic perfume, made with light green moss for staying balanced and grounded.

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