Design Your Own Perfume

Layering Your Custom Scent

Here is your chance to design your signature scent, create your perfume online. Just like your style reflects your taste and individuality, your perfume should complement your unique personality. That said, Tsi-La Organics has thoughtfully created scents that can be customized or layered to suit your mood, social plans or fashion sense.


Add Mystery: Perfect for date night or romantic evenings Kesu will deepen a brighter scent like Kizes or Fiori D’Arancio, inject some mystery and transform your perfume from fun to alluring.

Be exotic: Inject a touch of the exotic by layering Ilang-Ilang over or under Kizes or Fleur Savage for a romantic holiday vibe.

Lighten up: Fiori D’Arancio evokes a fresh Mediterranean feeling thanks to zingy, energetic burst of citrus.


How to find your signature scent:

  • Grab the Layering Sample Kit and find out what your true scents are.
  • Fill out our Perfume Finder and one of our dedicated fragrance experts will match your preferences to the best perfume for you.

We’ve selected four of our favorite fragrance duos from our Natural perfume collection for you to layer and enjoy.


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