100% Natural

Organic Eau De Parfum

Truth in Beauty, Our Ingredients Tell The Whole Story

Tsi-La's Living Flower Organic Perfumes:

  • 100% Flower and Plant Based
  • Plant Essences And Raw Organic Oils
  • Super-Fruit And Phytonutrient Infused
  • Ultra-Pure Natural Ingredients
  • Vitamins And Minerals
  • Zero Synthetic Chemicals
  • Preservative and Colorant Free

Truth In Beauty Our Ingredients Tell The Whole Story

Fiori d'Arancio

Fiori d'Arancio

Organic Citrus Infusion




Organic Lavender Infusion


Tsi-La's alcohol based, artisan perfumes are infused with organic herbs, fresh flowers and exotic spices. Fortified with a proprietary blend of more than 8 organic super-fruits, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant sterols. Tsi-La natural perfumes offer additional benefits to typical petrochemically derived or synthetic fragrances that are currently available. Our Living Flower Perfumes are natural, flower and plant based, USDA organic when possible, animal cruelty free, vegan and contain gluten free ingredients.