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Design Your Own Perfume


Layering Your Custom Scent

Whether it’s spring or fall, or you’re going to a gala or a game, your fashion is a reflection of you. Just like your perfume should be.

That’s why Tsi-La Organics thoughtfully created scents that have the ability to layer under and over each other, allowing you to create fragrances that match who you are and what you need today – and not be committed to that scent tomorrow.

So who do you want to be today?

Tips for Layering

Get dark: Kesu will deepen a brighter scent like Kizes or Fiori D’Arancio with a bit of dark mystery, changing your scent from fun and flirty to mysteriously alluring.

Go exotic: Ilang Ilang can go over or under Kizes or Fleur Savage to bring an exotic breath of French Polynesia to an everyday scent.

Lighten up: Fiori D’Arancio brings a fresh Mediterranean citrus kick to any scent you want to punch up into energetic overdrive.

Ready to Play?

You’ve got options!

  • Grab the Layering Sample Kit  and find out what your true scents are.
  • Fill out our Perfume Finder and one of our dedicated fragrance experts will match your preferences to the best perfume for you.


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