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At Tsi-La, in the past few years we have noticed an increased consumer awareness regarding personal organic health safety. It is important to decrease the use of harmful chemicals in fragrances including phthalates, aluminum salts, and parabens.  We’ve noticed that our Tsi-La Tribe (customers) is both environmentally conscious and aware of harmful toxins in many […]

Boomtown April 11, 2017 Total Comments: 52

  The climate is warming up, the ice is melting, and the sunlight is returning. In the ayurvedic system of health every season has a dosha, or set of qualities, associated with it. Winter, governed by Vata dosha, has been cold, dry and dark. When the sun lingers longer, the ground thaws and mud heralds […]

annie March 31, 2017 Total Comments: 52

It is important to all parents to make sure their children are healthy and safe.  Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid the upset stomach or the inevitable sore throat.  A parent’s instinct is to help ease their child’s discomfort.  With all the many medications, pills and lab-made ointments, choosing the best option can be difficult.  Sometimes […]

Boomtown March 14, 2017 Total Comments: 52

In today’s world, speed and maximum return is the common goal.  Unfortunately, many people forget that this drains our body on a physical level and spiritual level.  This is one reason yoga and meditation practice has grown so much in the western culture.  Forcing your mind and body to take a moment for reflection is […]

Boomtown February 25, 2017 Total Comments: 52

The holidays mean food, family, fun and cheer! They also mean being exposed to lots of people from near and far (and any viruses they might be carrying), eating perhaps less healthy than usual, and clocking in fewer hours of sleep. All of these factors combined may make for a fun holiday season, but they […]

annie December 21, 2016 Total Comments: 52

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