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Why Blueberry Extract? Blueberries are not only superfoods, but they also have topical benefits for your skin and hair.  The benefits for the skin are the very reason we chose to use blueberry extract in making our all-natural vegan oils.  Blueberries are loaded with vitamin A.  Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, minimizes dark spots, and other […]

Boomtown June 15, 2017 Total Comments: 53

There are so many reasons why I love this time of year: blooming flowers, warm sunshine, the beach, and spending more time in nature.   It is the perfect time to rejoice in the beauty of the season.  Tsi-La Organics can help you on your journey to obtaining pure sensory floral bliss with our organic […]

Boomtown May 27, 2017 Total Comments: 53

Why Did Tsi-La Organics choose Jojoba oil? When Annie & Ryane set out to create natural fragrances, they knew they wanted Jojoba Oil to be the primary base oil in their roll on perfumes. The silky texture of jojoba oil is the perfect base.  Additionally, it soothes, conditions and restores elasticity to dry skin.  Interestingly, […]

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On May 14 this year, many of us will show appreciation for our mothers, and all that they have provided us. On Mother’s Day, we should also recognize the one “mother” that we often forget about, Mother Earth, by creating an eco-friendly Mother’s Day celebration. The idea is to combine the concept of “Earth Day” with […]

Boomtown May 13, 2017 Total Comments: 53

At Tsi-La, in the past few years we have noticed an increased consumer awareness regarding personal organic health safety. It is important to decrease the use of harmful chemicals in fragrances including phthalates, aluminum salts, and parabens.  We’ve noticed that our Tsi-La Tribe (customers) is both environmentally conscious and aware of harmful toxins in many […]

Boomtown April 11, 2017 Total Comments: 53

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