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Now that the weather is getting darker and colder as we move closer to winter, many of us are back to facing the seasonal struggle of dry skin. Between the biting cold in the air during the winter and the drying effects of indoor heat, fall and winter can wreak havoc on our skin. The […]

annie October 21, 2016 Total Comments: 40

Fall’s rich colors and vibrant flavors lend themselves beautifully to natural perfumes. We picked some of our favorite products from fellow organic perfumeries (many of whom work with small batches and hand make their scents). All of these scents contain the warm, cozy essences of fall (but can really be worn any time of the […]

annie Total Comments: 40

In September, we celebrate all things organic and the reasons why we choose to be clean and green. Everyone has their own personal reasons for making the organic lifestyle change, but these reasons are some of our favorites, and they’re the ones that keep us firm and proud in our choice. Why Go Organic? For […]

annie September 16, 2016 Total Comments: 40

With so many vacations, events, and parties happening, it can be especially difficult to stick to a healthy, vegan lifestyle in the summer. (Not to mention the weekends, when we generally take a break from our routines. That ice cream truck never looked so tempting!) It’s important to remember, during these times, that it’s certainly […]

annie August 31, 2016 Total Comments: 40

With the closing ceremonies wrapping up the Olympic Games in Brazil this past weekend, Brazil is at the front of everyone’s awareness around the world. The Brazilians did an admirable job at emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental protection at the opening ceremonies – with the world’s eyes trained on them, they pushed a […]

annie August 25, 2016 Total Comments: 40

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