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With the closing ceremonies wrapping up the Olympic Games in Brazil this past weekend, Brazil is at the front of everyone’s awareness around the world. The Brazilians did an admirable job at emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental protection at the opening ceremonies – with the world’s eyes trained on them, they pushed a […]

annie August 25, 2016 Total Comments: 39

The summer isn’t quite over yet, which means there’s plenty of time to squeeze in a bit of last minute travel. Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, train, or foot, travel can lead to changes in routine and environment that occasionally wreak havoc on the body and its ability to stay balanced and happy. Luckily, […]

annie August 15, 2016 Total Comments: 39

We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun. Whether we’re out and about on a sunny day or whether we’re just driving to work under cloud cover, the UV rays from the sun are ever-present and can cause invisible damage to the skin that never goes away. When trying […]

annie August 9, 2016 Total Comments: 39

Since leaving your windows open year-round is not an option for most of us, here’s something else to try: indoor herb gardening. These herbs are not just limited to teas or your favorite pasta dishes; they can also help clean and detox your air. Volatile organic compounds are present in almost every home. They are […]

annie June 13, 2016 Total Comments: 39

Yoga as a practice helps bring your mind in tune with your body, while aromatherapy with essential oils helps relax and balance various parts of your mind and body through your physical senses. Together, they can really help you dig into your emotions and heal any physical or mental stress you may be experiencing. Yoga […]

annie Total Comments: 39

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